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 Adventures in Lith Printing and Alternative Process Photography

Lith Printing - An Introduction

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Welcome to the lith printing adventures web site. This site is a documentary site following my path through the process of learning to lith print. Over the coming months the site will increase in size and content as I experiment with different materials and solutions. The idea is to produce a resource of lith printing articles which will allow new users to lith printing to get on and do it and not flounder in the dark with no support.  

What is a Lith Print

A lith print is a print which has been over exposed by a couple of stops and then in developed in a special developer called - unsurprisingly lith developer. The developer is very dilute in its working solution and development takes a long time. The use of suitable paper is needed, not all photographic paper is suitable, but as the site grows I will be testing many sorts of paper and developer and publishing the results. The negatives used are normal black and white negatives, but as we move through the process it will become apparent that lith printing and infra red photography go hand in hand. The visual appearance of a lith print is grainy, dark shadows and soft delicate highlights, different colours and hues can be achieved as the developer gets older which adds to the unpredictable effect and probably the appeal of doing the prints in this manner. One last thing, lith development is confusing frustrating, virtually unrepeatable and time consuming, but, the rewards are worth it.

Example Lith Print

Thumbnail of Osteospemum Lith Print

This print is from the first batch of prints I produced using the 'Fotospeed Lith Printing Starter Kit'

For full details and a larger picture, click the thumbnail or here


Where do I start Lith Printing

This is where I started, I am a fairly competent photographer using medium format kit. I have experience in developing normal black and white fine art prints onto both resin coated and fibre based papers. I also tone all of my straight prints. So if you have a darkroom facility already, all you need is a Photospeed Lith Printing Starter Kit, it won't cost you much and you can get going straight away. If you have never done any developing before, I would recommend starting with straight black and white photography development, which you can find information on by going to www.danmassey.co.uk and looking for the technical sections on introduction to black and white photography.

Page References

Introduction to Black and White Photography - www.danmassey.co.uk


Adventures in Lith Printing and Alternative Process Photography

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