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 Adventures in Lith Printing and Alternative Process Photography

setting up for lith Printing

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As we have already covered, you should be familiar with the basic black and white photography techniques, if not go to www.danmassey.co.uk for an introduction to black and white photography. Set up as normal, replacing the normal developer with your freshly made lith developer. If you are like me you will not want to set up just to do lith printing, so you may end up with two developer trays, 1 fix and 1 stop. However be careful not to develop the lith paper in the normal developer as I did with my first print!

It is also useful to have an LED torch, I use a laser pointer, this is to help with checking the snatch point in the development process. I would also recommend ensuring that the stop solution is fresh as we are using fibre based paper which has a kind of 'delayed reaction' in the stop bath.

Make sure you have a timer handy, set it for 5 minutes. If like me you are used to visibly seeing results after 15 seconds when processing normal black and white photography,  you will find 5 minutes a long time, and you really don't see anything at for ages!

The safelight recommendation is red. Make sure the light is somewhere near the developer tray, as casting shadows over the tray will make the determination of the snatch point difficult.


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Adventures in Lith Printing and Alternative Process Photography

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