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Fotospeed lith printing starter kit

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You've been onto the web or down to the local photography store or shop and bought a lith printing starter kit, so what's inside?
  • 10 Sheets of Fibre based Lith paper (10" x 8")
  • 2 Bottles of Developer (part A and Part B)
  • 50g of Potassium Bromide
  • 30g of Sodium Sulphite
  • Instructions (it says full instructions on the box, but I think that's just humour!)
So to start with ignore the bags of white powder (Potassium Bromide and Sodium Sulphite) and dilute the part A and part B developers to 1+9. The combined volume should be around 1 litre but this depends on the size of tray you use. Normally I use a 16" x12" tray so I need 2 litres but for a  10x8 tray, 1 litre should suffice.

Volumetric conversion: In Europe we pay the same for a litre of petrol as the US do for a gallon.

This becomes the working solution, it should be used at 20 degrees (C) as per normal developer.

The paper is fibre based and if you are used to resin coated paper, you may find it difficult to detect which side the emulsion is on. The paper tends to curl towards the emulsion side ie the emulsion side is the concave side. Also the emulsion is smoother that the paper side. That's about it! 

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Adventures in Lith Printing and Alternative Process Photography

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